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Ways to avoid heat stroke

BUTUAN CITY – Health authorities have advised the public, especially senior citizens, to take necessary steps to avoid heatstroke during the summer season.

Heatstroke occurs when the body temperature shoots to 42 degrees Celsius. It can mimic heart attacks and strokes, according to Butuan City Health Officer and Butuan Medical Center (BMC) chief Dr. Joyce T. Hidalgo.

The health official said senior citizens are more vulnerable than others because their body thermostat is too slow or does not function compared to their younger days.

Heat stroke incident is most likely to occur in urban areas where there are fewer trees, and the roads are cemented, the health official said.

The public are being advised to constantly drink water to avoid dehydration.

“Beach goers are also advised to control sunbathing and avoid too much heat by the sun,” the doctor said.

When heatstroke strikes, the people are advised to put the wrists under running water, apply ice pack on the neck or spray cold water, chew frozen fruits and avoid caffeinated beverages to avoid dehydration.

Person vulnerable to heatstroke are traffic enforcers, construction workers and commuters in public transport with no air conditioning unit to keep them cool.

The health official advised those working under the sun and commuters to do their jobs and travel when the heat is still in normal level.

Vulnerable sectors can protect themselves by wearing hat and light colored clothes with short sleeves. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and, if going outdoors, always bring umbrellas, according to the health officer. (Mike U. Crismundo)