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When stars gossip

TOLERANT – Nowadays, society is more tolerant of the so-called third sex. Here and in the US, within showbiz and media.

On the local scene, think of Arnell Ignacio, Boy Abunda, Charice, BB Gandanghari, of course Aiza and Liza, Perci and Jun, Rosanna Roces, all those transgender beauty queens, and the many new faces joining “sirena” and “tomboy” contests on television.

How about in the US? As they come to mind: Anderson Cooper, Ricky Martin, Ellen Degeneres, Elton John, and that former Olympic champion who even landed on the cover of Vanity Fair, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson.

As Highspeed earlier said: Live and let live! Love and let love!

WHISPER – Not so in old Hollywood, when “morality clause” was enforced. Then, being gay was said in whisper. There were names and careers to be protected.

It was said that even a hint in the columns of Louella Parson and Hedda Hopper was enough to destroy an actor.

It was only much later that colleagues tattled on each other. These “choice quotes” came out in a book, Hollywood Babble On, authored by Boze Hadleigh. The book was subtitled Stars Gossip About Other Stars.


Gays are people first. Most aren’t extraordinary. Some are heroes, many are sexy, and some are nothing but villains, like J. Edgar Hoover and Roy Cohn. We can’t all be Alexander the Great or look like Tyrone Power. – Tennessee Williams.

Rock Hudson let his gay agent marry him off to his secretary because he didn’t want people to get the right idea. – Anthony Perkins.

Everyone in New York City knows that Tony Perkins’ marriage is just a front. He still has male lovers. – Halston.
My favorite American lesbian! – Clifton Webb on Barbara Stanwyck.

Of course, I knew Laurence Olivier and Danny Kaye were having a long-term affair. So did all of London. So did their wives. Why is America always the last to know? – Peggy Ashcroft.

What a liar! Honey, even a blind man could see Liberace was gay. – Peter Allen.

Whether I’m gay or not is irrelevant. – Madonna

I love men! I had four husbands, for Christ’s sake! – Bette Davis’ reply when Elizabeth Taylor asked if there was truth to the rumor of an affair with Mary Astor.