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Businesswoman offered P1M to speak vs Duterte

DAVAO CITY – A businesswoman has claimed to have been offered P1 million to testify against President Duterte, but had a change of heart after reading what she labeled as “full of lies” in the 16-page document.

Guillermina Barredo Arcillas, who graced the AFP/PNP Press Corps forum at the Royal Mandaya Hotel here yesterday, tagged the camps of Senators Antonio F. Trillanes IV and Leila M. de Lima behind the attempt.

Among the allegations raised in the document, a draft copy of which was given to the Press Corps, were the involvement of Duterte and his son Paulo in the cocaine trade in Davao and the President’s illicit relationship with Pilar Braga, a councilor in Davao.

Arcillas claimed that Jude Josue Sabio, lawyer of Edgar Matobato, drafted the testimony allegedly with the help of a certain “Jonel” from the office of Trillanes.

She also identified Jesuit Albert Alejo as one of those who contacted her to go to several meetings in Manila. Alejo was earlier named by Matobato as one of those who helped him during the testimony.

Arcillas said the payment would be in installments of around P300,000 to P500,000, depending on whether the testimony would reach the Senate or at best, the International Criminal Court.

The camp, which is connected to the Liberal Party, even allegedly offered allowances of around P30,000 every meeting, Arcillas alleged.

Earlier this week, a photo of Arcillas meeting with Alejo, Sabio, and an alleged staffer of Trillanes was posted on the Facebook account of a local news outfit.

Earlier this week, a photograph of Arcillas was viral after a local news outfit posted on their Facebook account a photograph and article that identified Alejo, Sabio, a staffer of Trillanes, and Arcillas in a meeting.

Sought for comment, Sabio confirmed the existence of the unsigned document. Alejo, on the other hand, denied being part of any plan to depose Duterte.

Arcillas claimed she found it preposterous the allegation about Duterte and Braga, who she said was a relative.

In an online message, Braga belied Arcillas’ claim that they’re relatives.

“She introduced herself to me as Mina claiming we are relatives,” Braga said. “She seemed nice as she told me stories of how she is helping poor people and so she asked my help how to help her friend who had cancer or something. I told her to go to City Hall to avail of Lingap.”

The councilor said Arcillas had financial problems at the time, but denied that Arcillas was ever part of her close circle.

“And maybe even if I was, I will have second thoughts about her cuz she seems to be mentally or emotionally unstable,” Braga said.

“All I can say is that it’s full of lies. Poor girl, I wonder who is using her?” Braga asked. (YAS OCAMPO)