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In the name of artistic and academic freedom


IN THE NAME OF – Films banned by the MTRCB, like “Bliss,” directed by Jerold Tarrog and topbilled by Iza Calzado, can always be shown at the CCP and UP. Those two government institutions are exempted from censorship, in the name of artistic and academic freedom, respectively.

While waiting for the result of the appeal of “Bliss” to MTRCB, heard that the film is showing at UP on April 30.

There used to be an appeals board in Malacanang, where X-rated films could go to. Whatever happened to the appeals board?

But I suppose not any film—banned or otherwise—could be shown at either CCP or UP. Surely, their officials will first watch to determine if it’s worthy of CCP or UP.

‘EVERLASTING’ ON TV5 – Watched Brillante Mendoza’s “Everlasting” on TV5 last week – aired late at night as it tackled a sensitive subject, lesbianism. Aubrey Miles and Mercedes Cabral played the lesbian lovers who went up to Baguio while the Panagbenga festival was going on.

But they didn’t come to smell the flowers but to get married before a Christian minister. Which isn’t legally recognized, it goes without saying. But then their plans were derailed as Aubrey resented Mercedes’ friendly ways…and impending trip to the US. Both were fine actresses, but Aubrey gave a more nuanced performance, while Mercedes seemed to be “wala lang.”

Will their love last like the Everlasting flower sold on the streets of Baguio?

Congrats to TV5 for daring to air the story of “a love that dares to speak its name.”

GEMS OF – From a gem of an actress and person, Perla Bautista, these gems of wisdom via text

“Kung iyong salita and makakasakit/Mas makabubuti kung mananahimik/At kung ikaw itong masasaktan/Gantihan mo ng pasensya lamang/Maging bingi ka sa mga iskandalo/Unawain and hinaing ng mundo/Maliit mang bagay magkakahalaga/Kung ibabahagi mo ito sa iba/Sa lahat ng oras laging mas matimbang/Maging mabuti sa magpakatama lang/Pagmamalasakit ang nagpapatibay/Sa lahat ng bagay na napakabuway.”

(Mula sa panulat ni Frank G. Rivera)