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Careful with showbiz lingo


CAREFUL, CAREFUL – Highspeed once more focuses on showbiz lingo…with the warning not to use it when talking to or joking with a sensitive friend.

Let’s start with Thunder (meaning old, “tanda”).

A young filmmaker made the mistake of joking, “I don’t want to be associated with Thunder.” An aging director resented the joke, “Yes, I’m Thunder pero may pinagkatandaan ako. Kayong mga batang direktor wala pang napapatunayan.”

The young director apologized right away, but to date Thunder remains cold to him.

Another young filmmaker whispered, “At least you didn’t say Thunder Over the Hill.” Which meant “matandang laos.”

Some directors are really Thunder Over the Hill. Well, truth hurts, as colleague Vir Gonzales often says.

LOSER – Another similar showbiz term is Laosian Deep, Showbiz term for loser—as in “talunan.”

Lotlot de Leon, Lucila Lalu, Lucy Torres, and the “classic” Luz Valdez. (But as often said, showbiz lingo is more rhyme than reason). Lotlot and company are no losers. Lucila Lalu is the “chop-chop” lady years back.

KARMA – Carmina Villaroel is small or minor karma.

Carmi Martin is big or major karma.

But the karma of giant proportions is Carmen Pateña.

MISER – Madame Curie is miser – as in “kuripot.”

In the same company Ate Korina, Tita Cory, Lola Coring.

(With apologies to all those revered names).

POOR – Purita Mirasol is both poor and miserable.

Purita Alma is simply poor.

The opposite of Purita Alma is Rica Peralejo (rich, moneyed). Or Rico Yan.