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Wellness center in ‘Gandang Ricky Reyes’

Almost everyone has signs of magnesium deficiency but we just don’t know it. The symptoms are so common that we just often shrug it off and tell ourselves that it’s nothing.

What exactly is magnesium? It is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body and more importantly, plays a role in virtually every aspect of our health. Magnesium is said to be the most powerful relaxation mineral.

And why are we magnesium deficient? One, by the food we eat, stress, sugar intake, and lastly, by the many pharmaceutical drugs we take.

Beauty master, philanthropist and host Ricky Reyes makes the most of the wonders of this mineral and would like to help people in addressing their health problems through his Magnesium Wellness & Healing Center in San Juan City.

Services being offered in this wellness center are not only confined to Magnesium Therapy. It also has Ozone Therapy which makes use of Oxygen for cell regeneration and prevention of illnesses; and has a blood type diet determination and Naturopathy Healing as well.

Learn more in “The World of Gandang Ricky Reyes” (TWGRR) today, 9-10am on GMA News TV.