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Drink coffee on a hot summer day

Last year, an episode in our TV show, Matanglawin, was titled, “Cool Ka Lang.” We featured a variety of fun facts, experiments, and information about cooling off due to punishing summer heat.

I remember that one of the show’s highlights was a do it yourself (DIY) mini aircon and cool slushie, cryosauna, engine lego powered with dry ice and robolympics.

I asked the audience. What is more suitable to drink on a hot day. Is it a cold soda or a hot cup of coffee?

Tell you what, it is better to drink hot coffee during a hot day because the heat coming from the coffee allows your body to perspire. Perspiration or sweating is the most natural way of cooling off your body.

* * *

What do you need to make a mini aircon? You need two (2) tin cans, mini fan, ice, can opener, electric tape, and cutter.

To make the mini-aircon, open the top of a tin can using the can opener. Cut 1/3 of the can then put tape around the edges to avoid anyone from getting bruised.

Cut a portion of the side of the can. Use an adhesive to attach the mini fan at the top of the can. Get your second piece of tin can. Remove its top using the same process you used in your first can. Combine the two cans using the tape, and voila! Now you have a mini aircon.

* * *

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Japan and China are pioneers in the development of cropping patterns suitable for different areas, with priority in rice and corn.

* * *

Multi-storied cropping is known to be existing in Batangas and Cavite even before the coming of Spaniards.

* * *

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