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Three bodies tossed from plane in Mexico

Three bodies were thrown out of a low-flying aircraft early Wednesday in Mexico’s drug-ridden northern state of Sinaloa.

“The bodies of three tortured men were thrown from a small plane in three different points in (the town of) Eldorado, Sinaloa, municipal police confirmed,” the daily Milenio said.

According to the police report, around 7 a.m. local residents reported seeing bodies being thrown from a plane flying at a very low altitude.

Each body was retrieved in a different location. The third had landed on the roof of the local social security office.

Broadcast TV network Cadena Tres titled its news segment about the unprecedented incident: “It’s raining bodies in Sinaloa.”

Criminal organizations in Mexico often leave the bodies of their victims in public places, such as hanging from a bridge or tossed on a roadway, presumably as warnings to rivals, but it appears to be the first time that victims have been thrown from a plane. (Xinhua)