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Oops! Duterte almost stumbles in Qatar

DOHA, Qatar – President Duterte almost fell off the stage while reaching out to shake hands with Filipino workers gathered at the Lusail Sports Arena here.

At the start of the Filipino community event, the President tried to show appreciation for the crowd’s rousing welcome by walking towards the edge of the stage to offer a handshake when the near tumble occurred.

One of the enthusiastic Filipino workers pulled down the President’s hand, causing him to momentarily lose his balance. He quickly recovered from the almost fall as members of the Presidential Security Group immediately rushed to his side for assistance.

Other security personnel, including the Qatari Royal Guards, were seen trying to keep other Filipinos workers from getting near the stage.

Duterte was apparently not bothered by the near onstage accident. He kept smiling as he walked back to his designated seat on stage. The formal program commenced shortly. (GDK)