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Captured ‘ecstasy supplier’ flees from hospital; hunt on

Police and government anti-narcotics group have deployed tracker teams to hunt down a Korean-American who escaped from a hospital where he was confined after his arrest for illegal drugs trade.

Supt. Enrico Rigor, spokesman of the police’s Drug Enforcement Group (DEG), said they believe Jun No could not go far as he is still weak due to appendectomy or removal of his appendix due to severe swelling.

“There are at least three special operations units currently deployed now. The members of the team are working on a shifting basis, closely monitoring the whereabouts of No,” said Rigor.

No was arrested in a buy-bust in Pasay City after he yielded at least 140 ecstasy tablets.

No, who has been staying in the Philippines for quite sometime, was reportedly involved not only in illegal drugs trade but also in prostitution business in the southern part of Metro Manila.

He was detained at the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) detention facility in Quezon City but he was earlier taken to the nearby East Avenue Mecical Center after he complained of stomach pains which turned out to be caused by severe swelling of appendix.

But he was able to slip past his guards inside the EAMC at around 6 a.m. on Saturday.

“With his medical condition, that negate the possibility of him getting far,” said Rigor.

Based on initial investigation, there were two guards assigned to secure No – one from PNP-DEG with a rank of Senior Police Officer 2 and another one from PDEA with a rank of Intelligence Officer 2.

The PDEA guard reportedly asked the PDEA guard that he would go out to have his breakfast. This left the PDEA guard alone who happened to fall asleep.

“They already surrendered, they will face criminal and administrative charges,” said Rigor.

Chief Supt. Dionardo Carlos, spokesman of the Philippine National Police (PNP), said the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) was already tasked to investigate No’s escape.
Initially, Carlos said there were lapses on the guards of No.

“There were lapses on the part of the guards from DEG and PDEA. Jointly, they are guarding the suspect with the presence of the girlfriend (of No),” said Carlos.

One of the factors being investigated was the P3,000 taken from No’s girlfriend.

But Rigor said it is seemingly impossible that the P3,000 is a payoff, saying No is considered as a big-time illegal drugs personality.

“At the time of the escape, No had only P3,000 so it is highly impossible that the guards would be paid with that.

But the CIDG will look into that,” said Rigor.

Part of the focus of the investigation is if there was an agreement between No and the guards. (Aaron Recuenco)