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Beauty queen loses P2.7M to secretary

A beauty queen sued her secretary for allegedly stealing her jewelry and cash amounting to more than R2.7 million, a belated report said yesterday.

2016 Mrs. Asia International Classic winner Vivian Crabajales-Yano filed charges against Edelyn Anderson, her personal secretary, before the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office last Tuesday.

A belated report from the Quezon City Police District said Yano said Anderson committed the crime while she was out for business and social affairs. Anderson is the live-in partner of Yano’s nephew, police said.

Initial investigation showed that Japan-based Yano allowed Anderson to live in her residence in Barangay Bagong Silangan since she also worked for her.

Yano told police that on February 7, while on a vacation, she asked the suspect to withdraw from the bank R328,500 for the renovation of their house and other expenses.

She was told that Anderson had spent only P151,343 for the errands. But when Yano arrived home February 10, Anderson was nowhere to be found, along with the remaining cash balance.

She decided to report to authorities when she found out on March 10, Anderson pawned her pearl ring. A housemate told Yano that the ring was pawned for P50,000.

She also discovered that more expensive pieces of jewelry amounting to P2.6 million had been storlen from her.

To date, police said Yano had not recovered her missing cash and jewelry as Anderson is still at large.

Yano, a businesswoman, in 2016 won three titles in the fifth Mrs. Asia International pageant for married women:

Cosmopolitan, Mrs. Ambassador, and Mrs. Popularity. It was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Vanne Elaine P. Terrazola)