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More presidential relatives

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FEEDBACK – Philippe Lim, through his UST classmate, entertainment editor Nestor Cuartero, adds more showbiz names related to Philippine Presidents. It’ll be recalled that Highspeed enumerated some Presidential relatives on April 16.

Lloyd Samartino was the son-in-law of President Fidel Ramos, married to the late Jo Ramos.

Rogelio de la Rosa was the brother of the first wife of President Diosdado Macapagal.

(Lloyd and Jo have a son, Sergio, who’s in his 20s. Heard he’s studying abroad. The first wife of President Macapagal was Purita de la Rosa, with whom he had two children, Cielo and Arthur. This is neither here nor there, but Arthur, who died a few years back, was this columnist’s classmate at San Beda).

Thanks Philippe for the feedback.

MORE PRESIDENTIAL RELATIVES – While at it, Highspeed adds more presidential relatives.

Aside from presidential grandchild Cory Quirino, as earlier noted in this column, there’s the estranged husband of Kuh Ledesma, Louie Gonzalez. They have a daughter, singer Isabella.

Of course Kris Aquino is the most popular Presidential daughter and sister. But there are more. In-laws director Lupita Aquino-Kashiwahara (San Francisco-based) and the late Butz Aquino (character actor, former Makati congressman and senator).

By the way, let’s all wish Kris GOOD LUCK as she embarks in a Hollywood career.

A reader reminds that President Ramon Magsaysay had showbiz connections…in a way. Genelyn Magsaysay, who appeared briefly in movies, is the daughter of the late Sen. Gene Magsaysay, brother of the beloved President. She has children by Don Ramon Revilla.

FILMBIO – While mayor of Davao City, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte was such sought-after by producers, director, and actors who wanted to do his filmbio. One of them is Phillip Salvador, who remains to the President to this very day.

Learned from Ipe’s brother, Ramon, that every now and then the actor is asked to represent Digong in social events.

Is Ipe interested in a government position? Ramon said he didn’t really know. But perhaps.

Presidential son Sebastian “Baste” Duterte, who “provoked” Highspeed’s item on presidential relatives, could perhaps play Digong in that dream project. That is granting the filmbio will push through.
But then father and son don’t see eye-to-eye these days.