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Nuggets of wisdom for new graduates

Last year, I gave my own message to graduates. This time around, I yield my space to friends, mostly from social media, who wish to share their own advice. Their suggestions and comments were slightly edited for brevity and were grouped according to message theme.

I do hope that the new graduates will take time to read and heed them.

These bits of advice come from persons who have been there and have done that. They have had the very valuable benefit of practical experience and hindsight.

Value of education
One of the most important assets one can have. (Carlo Suarez Cabailo)
Education is the Great Equalizer. (Anonymous)

Congratulations and Godspeed
Congratulations for graduating succesfully. I know that life becomes all that you want it to be. May your dreams stay big, your worries stay small and that you never need to carry more than you can hold. There is a lot that awaits you, go on and never stop. Wishing you all the best of luck to all of your endeavours. God bless everyone. (Lynne C. Parcon Hukom)

Follow your dream
Pursue your dream. Never give up. (Consuelo Hernandez Nakayama) (Maria Carmina Ortinez-Bautista) (Roselle Chang Druja) (Sol Corong)

Don’t be afraid to fail…. It is important for young people to learn that failure/s is not the end of the world. It is inevitable that they will experience many failures, disappointments in their lifetime and it is crucial they learn to stand up every time they fall. (Mac Jie Mpindao)

Don’t be afraid to miss. How can you score if you don’t shoot at the basket? (MVP)

Graduation is only a beginning
Life does not end after graduation. (Norma Polon) (Merlinda Montañez)

Still a long road ahead, and a big world to explore. (Bernardo Tensuan)

Life is not a 100-meter sprint. It is a marathon. (Frannie Bunye)

Start easy, finish strong, one step at a time, have faith and continue pursuing and achieving your dreams. (Dhezz Virgo)

Go and explore the world. (Rosalinda Caoile Navarro)

Learning is non-stop
What you”ve learned in school is just an introduction of what you”ll learn outside. (Glenda Tensuan)

Learning is a life-long never-ending process – be it formal education in school or be it one’s non-formal day-to-day experience. Both Learning Modes are equally important and are meant to be complimentary of each other. (Ernesto C. Del Castillo)

Never stop learning. (JP Fenix) (Gloria Atienza Dalisay Boiser)

Continue learning, listening, observing, growing. (Dodgie Osabel)

Principles and values to live by
1. Honor and obey God. The first command.

2. Honor thy parents. God’s command with a twin promise -long life and prosperous life. (Elmer Casa Albacete)
Have faith in God always. (Lee Magpantay)

It’s a beautiful world that the Lord has made and each of us have own special place in it. For whatever you choose to do, do it as a messenger of God. Spread the good news through your God-given gifts. Share it with others. (Rene Miranda)

P-E-S. – P-analangin, E-dukasyon at S-akripisyo – ang inyong gabay tungo sa inyong mga pangarap. (Luis Bucayon)
(Atty. Ignacio R. Bunye)