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An apple a day can keep you awake

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It is time to ditch your Mocha Frapuccino from your favorite pricey coffee shop.

You can take in an apple or two instead.

Besides being a staple healthy snack, apples are believed to keep you awake. According to various studies, apples are not only a good source of Vitamin C and fiber, but also have 13 grams more sugar than your regular brew.

Do not fret though. Apples contain natural sugar that could be easily digested.

The question is, how did apples become an effective alternative, especially for the night owls? Is it the crunchy sensation of a fresh slice that awakens the senses? Or is it the familiar fruity scent that perks you up?

These suggestions could somehow contribute but the answer lies on the body’s ability to consume and convert the natural sugar in every bite. With every slice you enjoy, your body gets extra intake of sugar, which is believed to be the very source of our lasting energy every day. This is putting enough fuel for one to last until graveyard shift.

Even if apples do not have any caffeine in them, it could be a healthy alternative, instead of burning up your bills in overly-priced espressos and lattes.

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