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Nobleza: I’m a gov’t DPA vs ASG

Superintendent Maria Christina Nobleza, the police official who was caught while allegedly trying to rescue trapped members of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) in Bohol, has been claiming that she is a deep penetration agent (DPA) of the government against the terror group.

But the Philippine National Police (PNP) would not buy her claim during the tactical interrogation, saying it could just be an alibi to save her face from the mess she entangled herself into.

“Everything that she said, we take it as her own version. We are still evaluating it and we will not be fooled by any attempt to fool us,” said Dela Rosa.

In fact, Dela Rosa said they have already culled some intelligence information contradicting the statement of Nobleza that she has secret mission against the Abu Sayyaf.

It was learned that Nobleza has been claiming that she first penetrated the ASG while she was still at the defunct Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC) which was created by the past administration.

Based on the background check, Nobleza met Reenor Lou Dungon when she was designated as her interrogator after the latter was arrested for Cagayan de Oro bombings in 2012.

And Nobleza has been insinuating that she is using Dongon’s access to the ASG in order to penetrate the bandit group.
Nobleza reportedly got close with the ASG, even claiming that she married Dongon under Islam rites with no less than Marwan officiating the marriage.

Marwan, a Malaysian bomb expert, was killed during the controversial Mamasapano operation in Maguindanao wherein 44 police commandos were killed. He is tagged as one of those involved in the Bali bombings that left more than 200 people, mostly foreigners, dead.

Marwan, whose real name is Zulkifli bin Hir, went into hiding in Mindanao under the agreement that he would be secured in exchange for training on bomb-making and urban terrorism.

“She admitted that they are married. She said she and Dongon climbed a mountain where they were married by Marwan himself,” said Dela Rosa.

Quoting Nobleza, Dela Rosa said the female police official decided to go to Bohol in an attempt to have Dungon regain the trust and confidence of the ASG.

“She was helping him because apparently, the ASG no longer trusts Dongon,” said Dela Rosa.

According to Nobleza, it was when they found out that some of the trapped ASG men in Bohol are needing food and medicine that she saw it as an opportunity to help Dongon back in the bandit group’s inner circle.

Dela Rosa said that should Nobleza’s mission succeeds, it would be the opportunity for Dongon to go back in the circle and eventually a good opportunity for her to deeply penetrate the ASG.

“But that is according to her. We also have information (against her),” said dela Rosa.

Dela Rosa said they have no information that Nobleza has a go-signal from any police or government official on her “‘mission” with the ASG.

“For our part, we are questioning her loyalty. Is she with us or no longer with us?,” he added. (Aaron Recuenco)