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Police: No signal jamming during ASEAN summit

Government security forces will not impose signal jamming near the venues and billeting areas of the 30th Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Metro Manila and would bank instead on the intensified security measures in Metro Manila.

Director Oscar Albayalde, head of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), said any attempt for a signal jamming like the police would always do in big events would inconvenience the delegates of the summit.

“We have no information on any jamming or any temporary cut of signal from all networks. There’s no plan like that,” said Albayalde when asked why they did away with the signal jamming measure.

“The heads of state will be needing the signal,” he added.

Signal jamming is usually being done in order to thwart any attempt of bombing which is usually being triggered by cellular phone.

Some 4,000 policemen were deployed at the vicinity of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Philippine International Convention Center, and the Sofitel where the delegates for the ASEAN are expected to converge.

The cops, along with augmentation forces from various government agencies, are expected to implement the security measures which were drafted ahead of the ASEAN summit.

Albayalde said one of the major security measures aside from strategic deployment would be the implementation of the “no fly zones”, particularly drones.

“It will be 40 nautical miles from the center (venue site)—from Bulacan and Batangas,” said Albayalde.

“There will also be a no sail zone, there will be a lot of Coast Guard personnel that would guard the areas,” he added. (Aaron B. Recuenco)