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‘Bliss’ is shocking and mind-blowing

by Ronald Constantino

Iza Calzado

Iza Calzado

GREAT, GREAT – I always felt that lately, the films Iza Calzado are making don’t give justice to her acting prowess. Years back Iza was very impressive in “Milan” and “Sigaw.” But after what followed were roles so-so in both big and small screen.

Then I watched Iza in a specialscreening of “Bliss,” which blew my mind, in a manner of speaking. She was really great, making this columnist rank her as one the greatest actresses of our time, perhaps of all time. No other actress her age, bar none, could have done better.

My seatmate, Aster Amoyo, whispered, “Hangang-hanga ako kay Iza. Kaya pala naman nanalo siya sa Japan (Osaka filmfest).

SHOCK, SHOCK – “Bliss” is not your ususal romcom or sitcom, but one that, in the words of writer-director Jerrold Tarog, “…promises to shock the audience and push cinematic boundaries.”

No wonder it was initially banned by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, but later changed it to R-18.

“Bliss,” indeed, contains sexual acts, nudity, foul language. But then trust Jerrold to execute them without being obscene, offensive. He’s confident the public is ready for “Bliss,” a psychosexual thriller.

SYNOPSIS – Jane Ciego (Iza) entered showbiz at a young age. Though equally popular and successful, Jane decides to produce her own film to win some respect in the industry.

But things do not go as planned. A terrible accident on the set of herdream project leaves her temporary crippled, trapped in a house filled with bizarre phenomena and under the care of her unfeeling husband and strange nurse. With the horrors and madness escalating each day, Jane’s simple dream becomes endless nightmare.

“Bliss” is produced by TBA and affiliates companies. Also behind Jerold’s “Heneral Luna.”

By the way, thanks to Lui Yanoria for the invite.

SUPPORTING CAST – Also at their best are the supporting cast led by Audie Gemora, Michael de Mesa, TJ Trinidad, Sharmaine Buencamino, Stephanie Sol, and Ian Veneracion.

The actors who played the nurse and lesbian “yaya” are really scary. Heard they are from the theater.

So there. Catch “Bliss” uncut and uncensored as it opens in cinemas nationwide on May 10.