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Rising star in OPM is US-based songwriter

by Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. – Leo Buscaglia

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OPM’S FASTEST-RISING STAR: Some songwriters take a long time before they get their big break after years of patience, hard work, and perseverance.

This man got his in record time. Like 13 months only.

Edmund Perlas with Jennylyn Mercado

Edmund Perlas with Jennylyn Mercado

A newbie songwriter based in Los Angeles, California remains unbelieving of his good fortune. He is now touted as the fastest-rising star in Original Pilipino Music.

Inexperienced in the world of creatives (his background is in industrial management engineering from De La Salle), and faraway to be touching base with local record producers, 46-year old Edmund M. Perlas nonetheless made it as a songwriter whose works have been recorded by heavyweights as Sarah Geronimo (Only for You), Jennylyn Mercado (Never Alone), Julie Ann San Jose (Don’t Make Me Wait), and Alden Richards (Say It Again, You Got Somebody, I Dare You),
Kathryn Bernardo (Temporary Dejavu).

Edmund’s other songs have also been recorded by Rita Daniella (Forever with You), Jona (Heart of Glass), Kim Domingo (Know Me) SolennHeusaff (Pocketful of Promises).

“This is all surreal to me. Never did I imagine that I would be writing songs for big-name stars whom I just used to watch on TV.

I still can’t believe that I am actually contributing to OPM. And I am very grateful that artists like Jennylyn, Kathryn, and Julie Anne have inspired me to do what I’m most passionate about.”

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SONGWRITER IS A BUSINESSMAN: Based in Glendale, California where he works in the corporate world (vice-president, Perlas Insurance Services) Edmund Perlas started educating himself how to write songs back in 2012.

He listened intently to hit songs and analyzed their lyrics, learning how composers in America structured their songs. Not knowing how to play instruments, he teamed up with musician-friends in creating an instrumental to which he later married melody and lyrics together.

He started pitching his songs to producers in the Philippines in 2012 through email. In October 2013, he got his formal acceptance as a songwriter. The breakthrough song: “Diamond in my Eyes,” performed by Julie Anne San Jose in her “Deeper” album back in 2014.

Three more of his songs were picked up for Julie Ann’s latest album. These are

Take Me to Nirvana, Don’t Make Me Wait, All About You.

Thirteen months of pitching songs is considered quick, according to a veteran producer.

When the song became a hit, he was tapped to write songs for Jennylyn Mercado’s new album.

Edmund recalls how clueless he and his team of collaborators in the US were of Jennylyn’s background. He started his research on the actress’ personal life.

Inspired by movements in Jennylyn’s personal history, he came up with ‘Never Alone’ and ‘We Don’t Belong’ as entries to the actress’ album.