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Duterte cites PH workers on Labor Day

President Duterte promised on Labor Day to generate more local jobs and protect the rights and welfare of Filipino workers.

The President recognized the rights of workers to decent salary and benefits, good working conditions, and even right to organize unions, saying they deserve “nothing less than a share of the fruits” of their hard work.

“On this day, the International Workers’ Day, we pay tribute to the Filipino workers here and across the globe,” Duterte said in his May 1 message.

“Workers play a significant role in pushing for the rights to humane conditions at work, basic wages, and organized acts, including collective bargaining and unionism. The government recognizes these basic rights of workers in all industries and we are committed to protect and defend these rights,” he said.

The President also promised sustained job generation in the country, citing the skilled and competent Filipino workforce.

He said the Department of Labor and Employment is taking the lead to ensure “thousands of jobs will be created locally.” He said the Labor department is working closely with other concerned agencies “as we tap the skills, expertise of our own people.”

“Everyone who contributes labor as part of his commitment to nation-building deserves nothing less than a share of the fruits of his hard work,” said Duterte who observed Labor Day with workers’ groups in Davao City. (Genalyn D. Kabiling)