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Tie your hair and hide

Hi Ms Rica,
I have a question: Okay lang po bang mag “BJ” while on the road? I’ve heard stories of people giving BJs habang nagddrive yung boyfriends nila. I haven’t done it yet. I want to try. Pero takot ako and I don’t know what to do. May tips po ba kayo? How do you do it?


Hi R,
Oh wow! I’m assuming na hindi buko juice ang tinutukoy mo sa “BJ” di ba? Blow job, tama?! To be scientifcally proper about it we can call it fellatio or oral sex. Pero pwede na rin ang BJ! Masaya at masarap ang BJ, promise!

Now, okay lang ba siya? Well, anything that would distract someone from driving may not be advisable. Mahirap na madisgrasya at makadisgrasya, diba? Pero sabi ng iba, sa klase ng trapik na meron tayo dito, okay lang daw.

Sometimes, they say, pampakalma pa to from road rage! Shucks! But if you really feel that you want to do it, I’m guessing you’re old enough to decide when it’s safe or not. So here are some tips:

• Tie your hair. If you have long hair, your hair can get pulled with the steering wheel. Baka masabunutan ka girl.

Masakit na yun at hassle di ba? So tie your hair. Also, with your hair out of your face, mas makakahinga ka!

• Cover up. Have a blanket, a scarf, or a jacket cover you. Hide yourself. You wouldn’t want kuya on the motorsiklo to stop by the side of the car and ogle at the free show right? Especially in this traffic, all the more that they’d want entertainment. So hide.

• Be prepared to bend. When you go down on him, you have to sacrifice a little comfort. Masikip at mahirap gumalaw!

So the first time may be a bit challenging. But with practice, for sure, you’ll be more ready to twist and flex.

• Spit or Swallow? Decide! Bago ang lahat, ito ang tanong: idudura mo ba o lulunukin mo? If your man reaches the peak while you’re going down on him, what would you do? Be prepared! Dapat may tissue, wet wipes, basahan, or even juice na nakahanda, just in case!

There you go, Before I end this, I would say, I only recommend it if the car’s fully stopped and you’re not on the road. Maybe when you’re parked in your garage or in a secluded parking lot where going down and dirty is allowed. If that’s the case, by all means, go for it! Remember, safety first. #takeitfromthesexymind

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