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Spice-up your Summer with Tokyo Tokyo’s New Sriracha Donburi!

Even as more alternative food such as ramen, sushi, gyoza, and bread are being picked up by the average Filipino customers who love Japanese dishes, rice is still the staple of choice. Rice meals are still the healthier option found in the menu adding up the fact that rice consists nutrients good for the body.

Tokyo Tokyo Philippines offer a great line of variants when it comes to meat, noodles, snacks and of course, rice meals. The country’s no.1 Japanese restaurant combines a choice of Japanese sophistication and affordability.

Among Tokyo Tokyo’s wide range of food selection is the Donburi, a Japanese dish with a combination of meat, vegetables, sauces and other toppings are swirled in chorus and served over a hot bowl of rice.

Tokyo Tokyo’s Donburi line perfectly complements the Filipinos longing for a new taste, a new flavor, and a new variant that will fit their ever-bustling daily routine in the city. It is a meal that’s convenient, affordable, and can quickly blend in a culture where a lot of new food variants are in stiff competition.

As part of their commitment to providing new and exciting choices for Filipinos, Tokyo Tokyo is spicing up with the latest trends and interests of Filipino customers by introducing a new taste of adventure in the Premium Donburi line – the Sriracha Donburi.

Sriracha is a firing combination of sweet and spicy, adding a bit distinction from the typical chili paste. It’s been used in different kind of dishes, and even snacks. Most foodies are fond of any meal with a touch of spice for it allows them to experience a mix of pleasure and pain as they savor a fiery serving. But don’t worry, it’s a good kind of pain that lingers with an excitement and refreshing aftermath.

People will surely fall in love with the spoonful hotness of Sriracha Donburi. It is a bursting combination of tender Beef Misono, crunchy onion rings and delicate nitamago egg all drizzled with Sriracha Mayo and showered with a crunch of tempura crumbs to add a layer of texture on top of spicy Sriracha flavored rice. What a true haven of Donburi!

For only P155, feast on the spicy thrill of Tokyo Tokyo’s new Sriracha Donburi and let your tastebuds celebrate a hotter fusion of flavors than ever before. Eat for the taste and love for the value of it!

Head on the nearest Tokyo Tokyo and tag us at @TokyoTokyoPhilippines on Instagram and Facebook and @TokyoTokyoPHL on Twitter as you savor the new fiery Donburi flavor! Other Donburi variants of Pork Katsudon, Chicken Oyakodon, Beef Pepper, and Tempura are also available in Tokyo Tokyo.