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Trauma therapy set for Quiapo blast victims

The victims of the recent bombings in Quiapo are set to undergo trauma counseling and therapy, the Manila Department of Social Welfare (MDSW) said.

The Manila Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDDRMO), whose paramedics were one of the first responders in the three bomb explosions, said it has accredited trauma experts ready to assist the blast victims.

“We are always prepared dahil may mga accredited tayong mga groups for counseling. Moreover, our crisis management committee is on top of the situation and we are ready to help,” MDRRMO chief Johnny Yu said.

While police hunt down the perpetrators of the explosions, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada has directed the city’s social welfare unit to look after the needs of the 19 people who were injured in the separate bombings in Quiapo last April 28 and May 6.

“I have asked our social welfare department to see to it that those wounded are properly being taken care of,” the Manila mayor said.

Estrada also condoled with the families of the two who died in the recent Quiapo blast—GrabExpress driver Mark Anthony Torres and Mohammad Bainga—and vowed to bring them justice.

“On behalf of the people of City of Manila, I also convey my deepest condolence to the families of the two victims who died in the explosions,” he said. “We will give them justice. We will not stop until these incidents are resolved by our police and all the perpetrators captured and brought to court to answer for their crimes,” Estrada added.