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Yanks pitcher contrite

NEW YORK (AP) – Matt Harvey was contrite. Visibly embarrassed. Entirely apologetic.

Nothing like the brash and cocksure kid who burst onto the New York scene a few years back and quickly became one of baseball’s most dominant pitchers.

A subdued Harvey rejoined the Mets on Tuesday and apologized to teammates, coaches, owners and fans after serving his three-day suspension for skipping a game last weekend following a late night on the town. And in a pair of unusually emotive news conferences, he and manager Terry Collins even hinted the one-time ace might have a problem with alcohol.

At the very least, they virtually acknowledged a late-night lifestyle has pulled Harvey’s priorities away from the game and impaired his pitching.

“There are things that I’ve realized in the last couple days that I need to be doing or should not be doing,’’ Harvey said before New York hosted San Francisco. “One of those that I should be doing is putting myself in a better place to perform physically and be accountable for my work, and that’s something that I’m committing to.’’

Collins said he thinks this latest flap can be a wakeup call, and Harvey admitted that.

Before the 2015 playoffs, Harvey was fined for missing a mandatory team workout. This time, he was suspended three days without pay.

“`I’m extremely embarrassed by my actions,’’ said Harvey, wearing a Mets cap and practice shirt as he sat at a table with a microphone.