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Duterte: PH heaven without drugs

HONG KONG – Saying that the Philippines would be without drugs, corruption, and terrorism, President Duterte vowed to solve the first two problems within three to four years and deal with the last using the Armed Forces’ might, especially its newly acquired air assets.

“Noon kasi ang rebolusyon, hindi ginagamit ‘yung mga air assets lalo ‘yung bomba pero ngayon ginagamit ko kasi I have to deal with them as harshly as I could ever be kasi very dangerous,” Duterte told a crowd of 800 to 1,000 leaders of the Filipino community here before leaving for Beijing, China Saturday night.

Cheered by the large Overseas Filipino Worker representation at Regal Airport Hotel at the end of his two-day working visit, Duterte confirmed that the dreaded terrorist group ISIS has started operating in Mindanao through the homegrown bandits Abu Sayyaf Group.

He said the Philippine Air Force which has acquired eight new FA50 fighter jets will be tapped to deal with the ISIS threat.

“I’m using it,” said Duterte who had previously vowed to “eat” terrorists for threatening the lives of innocent Filipinos. “So we are talking to the MILF, we are talking to the MNLF. Ang hindi ko kayang kausapin, ‘yung mga terorista, ‘yung Abu Sayyaf. One of them was adopted as the parang chairperson ng chapter nila sa ISIS, nandiyan sa Mindanao ngayon,” he revealed.

According to Duterte, the terrorist threat has slowly inched towards Central Mindanao.

The President disclosed that he has instructed PAF pilots to “tour the entire length and breadth of the Philippines to show your ware.”

He added: “Without terrorism and drugs, heaven na sana tayo ngayon because we are on talking terms with the revolutionary fronts.”

Duterte said he expects to put an end to graft and corruption in government and illegal drugs in three to four years. (Ben R. Rosario)