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Paladins Southeast Asia Champions for Dreamhack crowned

Sea Championships battle charts

Southeast Asia (SEA) has crowned their first SEA Paladins champion and their name is appropriately called “FearUs”. The championship tournament took place last May 14, 2017 with 8 top teams battling out to represent the Southeast Asian region on the upcoming Paladins Summer Premier at Dreamhack Valencia this July 13-15, 2017 in Spain.

It was a challenging moment for the team as they entered the tournament through the Open Qualifiers. The battle against two of the top three teams in Southeast Asia (namely Sea Monsters and Pavalllione) was not an easy feat. Therefore, they exerted all their effort and their coordination as a team was definitely a success as they ended on the top of the rankings during the Championships.

FEARUS LogoTeam FearUs is composed of:

  • Ariq “KingMOECCHI” Loupias (Indonesia)
  • Johan “Feezlefeez” Men (Indonesia)
  • Jerry “RestrictedGOD” Comia (Philippines)
  • Muhammad “Agnical” Faiz, (Malaysia)
  • Myuji “Myuji” Otsuji (Philippines)
  • TheMyth” as sub (real name: Tu) (Vietnam)
  • Coach: Abhinandan “Velgor” Pande