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Jodi finds her ‘Other Self’

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OTHER SELF – On television, Jodi Sta. Maria is primarily sitcom and romcom star. Think “Please Be Careful with My Hreart’’ and other light materials.

But in cinema, Jodi finds her “Other Self” in a manner of speaking. She tackles heavy roles – as in “Sisa” and “Aparisyon,” which gave her acting awards.

Jodi’s on the big screen via “Dear Other Self,” a cutting edge film that presents a narrative on life of a woman who explores her varying responses to different events.

She is torn between living a predictable life of responsibility and embarking on a carefree journey of fun and adventure. But then life can follow different paths, depending on how she’ll respond to a day filled with a series of unfortunate events.

LOVE INTERESTS – Jodi encounters her love interests who are two polar opposite characters – played by Xian Lim and Joseph Marco.

Xian is adventurous and lives for the moment. Joseph is dependable, the boy-next-door type. Ultimately, who will Jodi choose? Her personal happiness or the happiness of people around her?

Xian and Joseph will have to prove their acting prowess opposite Jodi, versatile and multi-faceted.

WRITING TANDEM – ”Dear Other Self” is the much-awaited comeback of the writing tandem of Veronica Velasco and Jinky Laurel with the former also as director.

They earlier collaborated on TV drama series “Pure Love” and the movie “Tuhog.”

“Dear Other Self” hits theaters nationwide starting May 17.