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Kris suffers from extreme migraine

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Actress-television host Kris Aquino has said that she suffered from intense migraine that forced her to cancel all her appointments for several days.

Aquino revealed her present health status in a recent post on Instagram. Her full IG post read:

“I never allowed myself to show I was hurt because that was weakness & why expose your wounds because then you’re giving every enemy a weapon?;

“But this week was so tough- I pushed through with an important business meeting even if I wasn’t physically okay because I wanted that ‘comeback’ opportunity so much that I ignored doctors’ instructions;”

“The next day because I showed up for that meeting I forced myself to do my scheduled taping because I didn’t want those who gave me work feel they weren’t prioritized;”

“The result was 3 days of excruciating migraine – the worst I’ve ever had. Literally I couldn’t get out of bed, I had ice packs round the clock & nothing eased the pain;”

“We had a commitment for #TheKrisList so my online team did the best they could. I read often your uplifting comments that you admire me for my resilience & positivity;”

“But even ‘survivors’ get exhausted trying to hide their sadness. In my case what was emotional stress manifested as extreme physical pain;”

“Every Sunday you’ll have fresh material for #TheKrisList but apart from that I’m giving my heart, my life- privacy & quiet. I owe Kuya&Bimb a Mom who isn’t broken anymore, and on Mother’s Day – I start this journey of becoming whole again,” said Aquino.