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Baste gives TV a try

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‘LAKBAI’ – Months back, Highspeed enumerated showbiz folk with presidential connections. It noted that the son of President Duterte, Sebastian “Baste” for short, hasn’t been bitten by the showbiz bug, although there were offers.

Now, Baste is giving television a try via an eight-part adventure-travel-reality show titled “Lakbai,” airing May 21 on TV5. He didn’t give TV5 a hard time as he was then already set to try showbiz.

Baste said he could use the talent fee (undisclosed) and should things don’t work out, “I can always go back to Davao.”

‘PROMDI’ – Baste is a “promdi” at heart, enjoying the sea, sun, and surf of Davao. There he was often seen walking in shorts and tees, eating in sidewalk “carinderias.”

Baste is a 29, a bachelor, but with two kids.

He tried studying in Manila (San Beda, the alma mater of his dad), but after a year or so returned to Davao, where he continued his schooling.

He’ll be travelling all over the country, showing places seldom featured on TV.

CO-EMCEE – Should a co-emcee be needed, Highspeed suggests the controversial and colorful Ellen Adarna. The team-up is pre-sold, so to speak. Remember that President Duterte castigated Baste a few times on TV for neglecting his kids, “Di na siya nakilala. Laging na kay Adarna.”

Or how about Kris Aquino… if she’s ready for some adventure?

Baste got his mestizo features from his mother, Elizabeth Zimmerman, American of German ancestry.