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No US trip for Rody

MOSCOW, Russia- Confirming that he is too busy for a United States visit, President Duterte, on a four-day official visit here, has aired apprehensions that can be a target of CIA -sponsored assassination.

Interviewed on Russian Television before launching his Russian visit that is aimed to stimulate the old but sluggish relation with America’s worldwide leadership rival, Duterte admitted being hurt by America’s interference during the presidential campaign where he was “severely criticized.”

When asked if he was serious about his fear of being a victim of political murder, Duterte told the Russian interviewer: “They do it. Does it surprise you? They can even take the president out of his country for him to face trial in another country.”

The Filipino chief executive said that while he considers American President Donald Trump as a “friend”, he has to turn down the invitation because of his busy schedule.

“Yes, I said I’m sorry. I cannot go because I’m busy. That’s actually the truth, as I said before,” he said.

Duterte added: “You might as well have noticed that during the election I was severely criticized by America, and it was during the election time.”

The Filipino leader reckoned that the assassination plot may be tied to his bid to keep US military off the Philippines.

“I said it about the American troops. That one day during my term, if I survive the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), I still have five years to go…” he stated but failing to give further details.

“Remember Panama? Okay, they invaded Panama, a sovereign state in Central America,” recalled Duterte. (Ben Rosario)