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More of Marian, please!

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POWERFUL, BUT – GMA came up with a powerful pilot episodes of “Tadhana” last Saturday, with Kris Bernal as the maltreated domestic worker in the Middle East and Cherie Gil as the sadistic mistress. The supporting cast was generally competent, especially Ces Quesada.

But, this columnist isn’t satisfied with Marian Rivera’s part as narrator or story teller of “Tadhana.” She hardly did anything, simply introducing and ending the episode. The Kapuso Primetime Queen can certainly do more, like interviewing and interacting with the real victim (if possible) or a government official who takes care of OFWs. Last Saturday, Marian was “dekorasyon lang.”

Hopefully, in future episodes of “Tadhana,” Marian will have a more active participation.

FROM DIE TO – Talked to the producer of “Die Beautiful”, Perci Intalan, who said a sequel to Paolo Ballesteros’ “Die Beautiful,” is being planned. It’s titled “Born Beautiful,” with Christian Bables in the lead role.

Of course, Jun Robles Lana, Perci’s artistic and domestic partner, will direct “Born Beautiful.”

Perci and Jun intend to put up their own talent agency (akin to GMA’s Artist’s Center and Star Cinema’s Star Magic) seeing how difficult it is now to cast actors in movies. Especially when actors are doing soaps, scheduling them to shoot is “nakakaloka.”

To be fair, Star Magic head Johnny Manahan lends to other studios stars who are not busy with either TV shows or movies.

By the way, what’s this report that Paolo B is “nagloloka-lokahan…dahil sa kanyang lovelife.”

But, isn’t he a family man, with a daughter in the US? What gives?