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Bb. Pilipinas Grand International Elizabeth Clenci battles eczema

BINIBINING Pilipinas Grand International 2017 Elizabeth Clenci has said that her struggles with eczema last year was painful at some point but she found a cure for the disease in a natural way.

“I do get messages cause I posted it on Instagram. And I do get messages from time to time from people going through the same thing. What I was going through, I really had no idea like I was taking a leap of faith and trusting in myself in what I believe into really pushed past with the doctors were saying, pushed past with what everything was saying,” said Clenci, during an interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” on ABS-CBN. Clenci said: “I really just went with my gut and my heart. And did what I have to do to heal myself. I really detox and I went 100 percent natural, so I let true healing take over.” “Sometimes when you heal it gets worse before it gets better because I was pushing it all out. It was really really painful at some point,” she added.

On Instagram, the Filipino-Romanian beauty queen recalled her bout with the skin disease.

“The past year and a half has been the toughest by far – physically and emotionally. The photo on the left was taken exactly a year ago today on my birthday;” “My body out of nowhere suddenly erupted with the most severe eczema, my skin was oozing and weeping, covered in fleshy wounds. My eyebrows fell off, my skin would itch furiously;”

“Sudden movements would crack and create more wounds, resulting in the most agonising year and a half of my life.

Everything became painful. I invested thousands of dollars and precious time with multiple doctors and specialists who vaguely addressed my case and had no answers;” “Or pumped me full of useless drugs that didn’t help at all. One doctor even told me that this is how I would live the rest of my life,” said Clenci, a full-time session bassist.

“I spent hours online trying to find a cure and knew that there had to be some other way;”

“The photo on the right is me today……..healed. I found true healing through change in diet and natural medicine,” Clenci said.