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HAVING decided to cut short his visit to Russia, President Duterte assured his countrymen: “Don’t be too scared, I’m going home.”

Shouldn’t he have added, “You bad guys, be very scared, I’m going home.”

Who’s afraid of martial law?

Who’s not afraid of Maute?

England, Philippines, Indonesia – connected by terrorism? (Indonesia is a Muslim nation.)

Mindanao has never been conquered or subjugated. Will ML help the “promised land” fulfill its great potential?

What’s the trigger that will force DU30 to declare ML in Luzon and the Visayas?

Are constitutional safeguards against abuses and the exercise of dictatorial powers not enough for the critics and skeptics?

Was the siege by the marauding Maute due to a failure or lack of intelligence? Rep. Danilo Suarez asks, “How were the intelligence funds of DND and the military spent?”

Where’s Isnilon Hapilon? He’s the wounded (?) Abu Sayyaf leader who was being hunted by government forces last Tuesday when “20 to 100” marauders opened fire, captured a hospital and police checkpoints, and took hostages.

So far, only the Commander in Chief has used the T word – terrorism – while others in government and the military prefer to call it a rebellion, takeover, assault, attack. Any reason for this difference in semantics?

The League of Governors, Integrated Bar, and Chamber of Commerce and Industries support the President’s Promulgation No. 216 which he signed, “ironically” (his own word) in Moscow. Is it safe to assume the two chambers of Congress will do the same on Monday?

Will we be paying more for durian, pomelo, banana, pineapple, orchids?

Can we have more Christian Monsods, Mayor Sara Dutertes, and Rep. Miro Quimbos to explain and clarify martial law under the 1987 Constitution without terrorizing law-abiding, peace-loving citizens? (Jullie Y. Daza)