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CHED grants tuition hike in 268 schools

The Commission on Higher Education has granted the request of 268 private higher education institutions to increase their tuition and other school fees for school year 2017-2018.

“The approved applications represent 16 percent of the total number of 1,652 private HEIs in the country,” CHED chairperson Patricia Licuanan said in a statement. “This is 36 HEIs lower than the reported 304 HEIs last academic year,” Licuanan said.

Of the 268 private HEIs, “262 will increase tuition only, while 237 will increase other school fees only,” Licuanan said.

Licuanan noted that “the average increase in tuition is 6.96 percent or the equivalent of P86.68 per unit while increase in other school fees is 6.9 percent or P243.”

“Considering the total population of private HEIs, the average increase in tuition or other school fees is about one percent,” Licuanan said. “The increases vary depending on the HEI and the region,” she added. (Ina Hernando Malipot)