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Matteo ideal catch for Sarah


by Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: “Among my most prized possessions are words that I have never spoken.” – Orson Rega Card

MATTEO’S BUSINESS SENSE: Such seriousness of purpose. Such business sense. Such grasp on life’s realities.

If only for these, Matteo Guidicelli makes for an ideal catch for any young woman of marrying age.

At the media launch of the singer-actor’s current endorsement, Sun Life’s ‘Make It Mutual,’ the press wondered why it seems, despite Matteo’s accomplishments, maturity, and business sense, with matching foresight, girlfriend Sarah Geronimo isn’t proud to be associated with him. Or is it her family that’s too shy to acknowledge his presence in their daughter’s life?

By all intents and purposes, Matteo is a good catch for Sarah. Beyond the physical appearance, charm and all that, he is polished, a gentleman with a serious take on life. He invests his money wisely and plans his future.

How can anyone not want a future son-in-law like Matteo?

All these came to fore especially when the actor spoke of his belief in putting his money where it matters and grows.

He said young people like himself should value their money, put them in products such as mutual funds.

In other words, what he’s saying is that young people should plan their future. Let their money work for them.

LIKES IT MUTUAL: Matteo, in cooperation with Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI), launched recently a series of vlogs (video blogs), which aims to teach Filipinos about how investing can help make their #lifegoals come true.

Dubbed “Make It Mutual,” the vlogs tackle topics relevant to personal finance, such as growing one’s money, beating inflation and investing regularly.

To make it easy for the viewer to relate these to real life, the modules are demonstrated in themes familiar to them, like travel, fashion, and fitness.

All videos, says Matteo, are shared via social media to make it readily accessible.

The latest in SLAMCI’s efforts to boost financial literacy among Filipinos, “Make It Mutual” aims to encourage Filipinos to invest in mutual funds so they can achieve their life goals.

Sun Life Asset Management Co., Inc. (SLAMCI) is the mutual fund arm of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc.