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Mo Twister slams Mocha Uson for fake news

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Feisty DJ Mo Twister has slammed Mocha Uson, assistant secretary for social media of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), for sharing a fake photo of Philippine Army soldiers on Facebook.

“So this is Mocha Uson in a nutshell. She posted this photo yesterday saying let’s pray for our army,” said Mo Twister on Instagram.

“One issue lang. The photo isn’t our army. You see that little blue flag on each of the soldiers chest? That’s the flag of Honduras;”

“These are their soldiers from 2015. Mocha, the Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operation Office does this REGULARLY;”

“Her and her followers will likely defend this by saying, ‘okay, she used a picture to convey the message of prayer so don’t find negative in that,’ “

“The problem is you’re insulting these soldiers, our soldiers, and everyone’s intelligence with your fake shit.

Mocha, you are journalism kuto;”

“You are also an insult to every hardworking student or aspiring journalist. You took away a job from someone more deserving,” said Mo Twister, who’s now based in the US.