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Iwasan: Leptospirosis ngayong rainy season


The rainy season has officially started in the Philippines. Weather bureau PAGASA announced this recently.

On the day the government agency proclaimed this, heavy rains poured in many corners of the Philippines, including Metro Manila.

In downtown Manila and Quezon City,heavy rains caused flooding, a natural occurrence everywhere.

Many Filipinos aren’t aware that flooding is not their greatest enemy. It’s leptospirosis.

According to Medicine.net, Leptospirosis is a disease brought by Leptospirainterrogans which attacks kidney, liver, respiratory organs. In some cases, it can lead the victims to death.

Such bacteria can be found in the urine of infected animals, specifically rats and pigs. It enters the body through wounds or cuts through contaminated flood water.

The World Health Organization said that the chances of people to be diagnosed with Leptospirosis yearly are from 0.1 to 1 per 100,000 in temperate climates like the Philippines.

WHO also said that the risk of being diagnosed with Leptospirosis is high worldwide, both in urban and rural areas.
Some symptoms to watch out for are fever, muscle pain, headache, and reddish eyes. In severe cases, it can lead to liver ailment, kidney failure.

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