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More and more Bicol stars

5Sarung Banggi- 47- Rogelio dela Rosa, Mila Del Sol-sf copy

‘NEVERENDING’ – Here’s more feedback on Highspeed’s Bicol stars which seems to be “never ending.”

Ricky Lo of Star adds two more names to the list of stars from Bicol.

“Myra Crisol of Premiere Productions and new comer David Licauco (cast of GMA’s “Mulawin vs. Ravena,” both from Tabaco Albay. His Lola and Lolo ( Conchita and Antonio) were my schoolmates at Tabaco Pei Ching High School. The great poet Angela Manalang Gloria was also from Tabaco.

“Other Bicolanos are Pablo Tariman and Mariolle Alberto (of Star Magic) and Kit Tatad, all from Catanduanes. Pablo insists that John Lloyd Cruz has Bicol roots. I don’t know how.”

SENATORS, WRITERS – Failed to include Pablo on the previous list of Bicolanos in media. He’s a culture vulture. Kit is a former newspaperman and Marcos Cabinet member and senator.

Aside from Angela Manalang Gloria, there was a great lady writer, from Bicol (Ligao,Albay), Kerima Polotan-Tuvera, who was this columnist’s editor in The Evening Post and Focus magazine.

‘SARUNG BANGGI’ – A reader pointed out that “Sarung Banggi” ( Isang Gabi) is the most popular Bicolano song, with music and lyrics by Potenciano V. Gregorio Sr. The song inspired in 1947 a movie starring Rogelio de la Rosa and Mila del Sol.

The original Bicolano lyrics:

Sarung banggi sa higdaan
naka dangog ako nin huni
nin sarung gamgam
Geroba ako katurugan
bako kundi simong boses
iyo palan
Dagos ako bangon sa
sakuyang mata iminuklat
kaidtong kadikluman
ako nangalagkalag
si sakuyang mata
paghiling pasiring sa itaas
simong pandok nahiling
ko maliwanag.

English translation:

One night while in bed
I heard a bird chirping
I thought it was a dream
I was wrong;it was your voice.
I woke up and promptly got up
I sensed my way in the darkness
I looked up
And saw your face shimmering.

MORE BICOL STARS – Ely Buendia, Jayson Fernandez, John Arcilla, Jonalyn Viray (musicians), Jose Garcia, Armando Goyena, Victor Aliwalas, Miles Poblete, Rochelle Barrameda, Roderick Paulate, Chx Alcala (actors).

“Lambada Queen” and socialite Becky Garcia.

Come to think of it, Vice President Leni Robredo is a Bicolana (Naga).

Ethel Ramos said that Charo and Malou Santos were born in Legazpi, but grew up in Mindoro. Their father was a government doctor.