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2 guards tried to stop Jessie

There were two guards who tried to stop gunman Jessie Javier Carlos before he started shooting and torching the Resorts World Manila Friday, according to the initial report submitted by the security provider yesterday.

NC Lanting Security Specialist Agency, which had more than 100 personnel on-duty at the time of the incident, identified one of the guards as Mary Grace del Bario who was unarmed when she tried to confront the armed intruder at the second floor retail parking entrance.

“She was unarmed but still tried to stop the man whose spoken language she could not immediately understand, but when he threatened her with his firearm, she realized that she could not subdue nor prevent him alone from entering,” the report said.

Del Bario moved back and made emergency calls to all posts through her issued radio, informing them that an armed man has entered, according to the report.

Another guard, Edwin Ciriaco, tried to confront the male wearing a jacket and a bonnet, but backed off.

“He confronted the man but he too was directly threatened. He (sought) cover and intended to engage the suspect, but seeing that there were already people hurrying away and around them, he too immediately informed his superior of the situation through the emergency telephone,” the report added.

A total of 38 people, including the gunman, died in the six-hour drama that drew world attention.

Both Del Bario and Carlos were present at the PNP-SIOSA which started yesterday its investigation on possible lapses that may have been committed by hotel security personnel.

Senior Supt. Ildebrando Usana, PNP-SIOSA deputy chief, said they are looking at the aspect of administrative matters that might have been violated.

The official said that based on the CCTV (closed-circuit television) footages alone, they have already spotted some rules and regulations that were violated by the security agency.

Among them is non-wearing of the prescribed uniform that was approved by the PNP-SOSIA when the casino-hotel applied for permit to operate the security agency.

The security guards were reportedly wearing barong at the time of the incident, which is not the usual uniform prescribed by the police unit. “Any changes in uniform should have the approval of SOSIA. In their case, it was not approved,” said Usana.

SOSIA is the PNP unit in charge of overseeing the operations of all security agencies. It is the agency which approves the permit to operate, as well as the permits of the security guards.

Usana said they hope to finish the investigation by the end of this week. “If the investigation would reveal that there were rules violated, it could lead to the revocation or cancellation of the permits of the SOSIA,” said Usana.

Aside from the officials of the NC Lanting, Usana said they will also invite the security managers of the in-house security of the Resorts World Manila.

It was learned that the NC Lanting was tasked to guard the perimeter of the casino hotel as the Resorts World Management tapped an in-house security for the casino. (AARON RECUENCO)