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‘Paladins’ latest update: OB51 patch rolls out alongside ‘War Machine’

"Ash" from "Palladins" (contributed photos)

“Ash” from “Paladins” (contributed photos)

HI-REZ Studios Fantasy FPS game: “Paladins” released their latest patch OB51 last June 1, including a new champion in “Ash.” She is a frontliner also known as “War Machine,” though it is not difficult to see why based on her abilities as detailed below:

  • Burst Cannon. Fires a shrapnel round every 0.9 seconds that explodes in an AOE (area of effect) dealing 400 Damage (Left Mouse Button)
  • Kinetic Burst. This will superheat your next shrapnel round. When you next fire, the round will instantly explode in a frontal cone, dealing 300 damage and applying a knockback (Right Mouse Button)
  • Siege Shield. This will deploy a 5000 health siege shield that advances forward, lasts 6 seconds. (Letter Q)
  • Shoulder Bash. This ability will lower her shoulder and hurtle forward, hitting an enemy will deal 800 damage and apply a strong knockback. (Letter F)
  • Assert Dominance. This will make Ash leaps forward and plants her banner in the ground dealing 350 damage on impact, but the thing about this Ultimate is that you must remain in the zone to receive the Immunity. (Letter E)

To get a better view of what she can do, a video shows “Ash” in action with her abilities for “Paladins” players.

Aside from the awesome new champion “Ash,” Hi-Rez Studios has also announced a big update on customization.

“We are phasing out our beta rewards structure and bringing in some of the baddest mastery content in the realm. Mastery skins and customizations will be unlocked for purchase as you progress through your Champion’s Mastery levels. In this release, the following Champions will have Mastery Customizations: Drogoz, Lex, Maeve, Makoa, Tyra, and Viktor. Expect to see more in the coming releases and we hope you love these Customizations as much as we do!”

Aside from these, there are also the new customized champion skins for “Paladins” (check out “Pip” and “Barik” below). Champions skins are sold as sets (head and body).

"Pip" from "Palladins"

“Pip” from “Paladins”

"Barik" from "Palladins"

“Barik” from “Paladins”