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‘Adopted’ Warays as city mayors

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‘ADOPTED’ – Yes, there are “adopted” Warays currently serving as mayors of two Leyte cities. Cristina Gonzalez-Romualdez of Tacloban and Richard Gomez of Ormoc.

Kring and Goma were elected mayors in the last elections. She took over her husband, Alfred Romualdez. He won along with his wife, Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez, now on her third term.

Both are Tagalogs who relocated to Leyte because of marriage. They are now fluent in Waray. The feedback is both Kring and Goma are doing very well, hands-on mayors.

KRING – She served as No. 1 councilor for nine years and when Alfred’s term was over, she won handily as Tacloban mayor.

Kring is from San Juan, where her dad, former actor Jose Mari Gonzalez, served a congressman. He’s Spanish mestizo. Mom is the former Chayong Malarky, English mestiza.

Before appearing onscreen, mostly for Regal, Kring was a recording artist. She and Alfred have two daughters, Sophia and Diana.

GOMA – Before becoming mayor of Ormoc, Goma ran for congressman and senator. He won as partylist representative but was disqualified by the Supreme Court on a technicality. He lost in his Senate bid.

Goma is a multi-awardee as actor and sportsman.

He has American blood (father side), his beloved Lola a mestiza.

Wonder if “adopted” Warays Cristina Gonzalez and Richard Gomez appeared together in a movie.