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Drug suspect killed, baby hurt in shootout

A drug suspect was killed after he fired shots at pursuing policemen and wounded a seven-month old baby in Pandacan, Manila, early yesterday morning.

Police identified the slain suspect as Edwin “Utak” Pore, around 30 to 35 years old.

The baby, John Alejandro Cuesta, is still under observation at the Philippine General Hospital.

Initial investigation showed that operatives of Pandacan Police Station received a report from a concerned citizen about the ongoing illegal gambling and drug trade at Kahilum II, Interior 13, Durian Street, Barangay 868.

The operatives swooped down on the area around 12:40 a.m. and caught Pore and 41-year-old Reggie Roxas in the act of trading illegal drugs.

Pore and Roxas scampered in different directions to evade arrest, police said.

Pore then forcibly entered the house of a certain Jocelyn Jacutina and went to the second floor, where the latter and her seven-month-old baby were sleeping.

Investigators said that Pore fired shots at the policemen but missed hitting them. One of the bullets instead hit John Alejandro in the body.

The police officers retaliated, killing Pore on site.

Roxas was arrested and is now facing drug-related charges.

A follow-up investigation is underway, according to police. (ANALOU DE VERA)