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Kris Bernal’s daring dual role

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CHALLENGE – A big challenge for any actor is doing a dual role. Which Kris Bernal faces in GMA’s “Impostora” on the afternoon prime block.

While more or less playing the same character, there are nuances which make them not identical. It may well be called daring dual role, for which Kris is grateful to GMA. Not every actress is given that chance.

But then, Kris has essayed varied roles in GMA dramas, last being the maltreated maid in the Middle East in the pilot episode of “Tadhana.” One who in the end fought back and served as inspiration to other OFW’s.

Yes, Kris is equal to the challenge.

“Impostora” was first produced by GMA a decade ago and adapted in other Asian, African, and American countries. It is currently airing in Hawaii.

“Impostora” tells the story of an ugly street vendor who willingly undergoes surgery and complete facial reconstruction to pretend to be a wealthy and beautiful but unhappily married wife seeking to escape from her husband.

ARMADA OF STARS – “Impostora” boasts an armada of stars led by Rafael Rosell as leading man.

Consider the other names in the cast of “Impostora.”

Elizabeth Oropesa, Assunta de Rossi, Ryan Eigenmann, Aicelle Santos, Vaness del Moral, Sinon Loresca, James Blanco, and Leandro Baldemor.

Remember Leandro who used to be a bold actor, dropping his pants every so often? This time he keeps his clothes on.
Plus child stars Dayara Shane and Yuan Francisco.

Directed by Albert Langitan.

PREPARATIONS – Kris and Rafael had long preparations for “Impostora.”

Kris enthuses: “It’s very different from the last one I did. First time ko na gumawa ng isang dual role. Dito sa soap talaga ako mahahasa at mag-go-grow. Ito na siguro ‘yun pinaka-challenging character ko. Sa ‘Impostora,’ pabago-bago ako, hindi lang sa acting, sa pananamit din, may prosthetics pa ako and iba’t-ibang make-up at look.”

Rafael, on the other hand, is honored to be working with Kris for this show, “Working with Kris has been an awesome experience. One of the most professional actresses I’ve worked with in GMA. Walang arte at astig siya.’’