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Petron Mabuhay Rally set


Petron Mabuhay Independence Rally | Mike Potenciano Facebook

by Brian Yalung

In an effort to breathe life back into the hibernated state of car rallying in the country, veteran racing driver Mike Potenciano hopes to rekindle the sport through an upcoming event, the Mabuhay Independence Rally on June 12.

Interestingly, the timing is perfect for the Independence Day celebration.

Being a rally, speed is the first thing that comes to mind.

Potenciano, however, clarified that while speed is important, that is not the intent of the event.

“Whenever you call it a rally, most immediately associate it with speed. With the Petron Mabuhay Independence Rally, we wanted to emphasize on navigation. Hence, it will be the driver who can effectively navigate the route, compute for the best time and get on time at the checkpoints at the right time. Penalties will be meted on participants in the form of demerits for every second off the set time,” said Potenciano.

Potenciano explained that the eventual beneficiary would be the rising drivers.