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Cheap, clean street food


TASTY? Check. Affordable? Double check. Sanitary? Triple check.

We all love eating. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacks, we are all down to it when it comes to gastronomic adventures.
Street food is also a good choice because there is a variety of tastes and flavors to be explored.

They are also affordable. However, despite the different flavors and affordability, street foods are often labeled as “unsanitary.”

So, where can we find some good and clean street food? Here are four places where you can eat tasty and affordable street food with certified cleanliness, according to zomato.com.

1. Waffle Time
Waffle Time offers waffles with different fillings. Some of these fillings are cheese, tuna, bacon, ube, chocolate, mango, among others, for an affordable price of approximately P100 for two persons.

They are open from 10 am until 9 pm in their different mall branches nationwide.

2. Wang Balls
Wang Balls offers classic street food in their menu including fishball, squid ball and kikiam.

Aside from these, they also offer orlian ball (small kikiam) and chicken ball. All of these tasty treats can be bought at approximately P50 for two people. They are open from 10 am until 9 pm at Lucky Gold Plaza in Pasig City.

3. Eggstacy
Eggstacy offers some of the well-known street foods such as balut, penoy, and quail eggs with a twist: They are fried.

Eggstacy also serves salted eggs and fried tofu. All of these can be bought at approximately P100 for two people. Eggstacy is open from 11 am to 9 pm in Quezon City and from 10 am to 9 pm in Pasig City.

4. Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdogs
Hotdogs, while famous in America, are also known in the Philippines to be excellent street food. Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdogs serves a variety of hotdogs including jumbo hotdog, hotdog sandwich, cheesedog, and German franks for an approximate price of P100 for two people. They have 14 branches nationwide and are open from 10 am to 9 pm.