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Careerspan of actors, cagers

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COMPARISON – A good friend who’s familiar with movies and basketball compares the career-span of actors and cagers.

He notes that at 40-plus,actors are still in demand – get good roles and enjoy substantial talent fee.

Whereas,basketball players at 40, or even younger,are already over the hill. They can’t compete with younger cagers.

Sure,there are rare exceptions like Sonny Jaworski and Freddie Webb, who became senators when their playing days were over.

But look at Papa P, who at 40 going on 41, is still much sought-after,not to say “ sumptuous.” Or as one lady fan puts it, “good enough to eat.”

SAVE, SAVE – The good friend earlier referred to advised basketball stars to save, save while they are young and strong and earning a lot. He saw for himself the pitiable plight of retired players who didn’t prepare for the rainy days.

They accept all sorts of menial jobs to keep body and soul together. Some turn to drugs, perhaps out of frustration, landing on the front pages for the wrong reason. “Pakalat-kalatna lang.”

He adds that a few lucky ones get coaching jobs in schools, usually their alma mater. Or even get elected as councilors in their hometowns.

He even suggests that they marry rich girls. Those who idolize them during their glory days. A few did…good for them.

GETTING BETTER – Back to actors in their 40s and above…even as old as 80.

The good friend notes that more often than not,actors become even better actors as they mature. Of course, they no longer get top billing and fees, but still good roles are offered. They are accorded the respect and esteem they deserve.

Examples are Tirso Cruz III, Boyet de Leon, Gabby Concepcion, Dante Rivero, Ronaldo Valdez, Robert Arevalo, Ricky Davao, Richard Gomez,Edu Manzano, Albert Martinez, Joel Torre.

There’s Eddie Garcia, of course, one of a kind actor -director.

Some also direct, the likes of Boyet, Ricky, Robert, Albert.