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Coney: Portray evil to show goodness

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JUST A THOUGHT:”There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.” – Bryant H. McGill

GOOD OVER EVIL: At the thanksgiving, farewell dinner for My Dear Heart, Coney Reyes was asked why she keeps entertaining offers to play women with an evil, dark side in teleseryes when she is known as a woman of strong faith.

In the on-going series, which closes on Friday after a 6-month run, the veteran actress plays a woman doctor who hides the child of her own daughter from her.

Coney, known for her strong religious beliefs as a born-again Christian, explained that showing evil on screen has its advantages.

‘To be able to see goodness, one must expose evil,’ she said calmly.

True enough, Coney’s current character is transforming from bad to good, now repentant for her sins to her daughter and granddaughter.

Even then, Coney says that whenever she accepts roles of shady women, she sets her own parameters how far she can go to portray evil. She has done so in 100 Days and in Nathaniel, too, both top-rating teleseryes in their prime time.

LESSONS LEARNED: The lessons about love, family, and acceptance in ABS-CBN Kapamilya series “My Dear Heart” have captivated viewers of all ages every night, giving inspiration to audiences nationwide and leaving a mark on their hearts.

According to data from Kantar Media, “My Dear Heart” recorded an all-time high national TV rating of 32.6% and remained unbeaten by its rival shows.

RIA A REVELATION: As the series approaches its finale week, viewers keenly await the fate of Heart (Heart Ramos) and if she is now truly safe from the wrath of Doc Francis (Eric Quizon).

In a much anticipated confrontation scene, Doc Margaret (Coney Reyes) conveyed an important lesson to viewers when she told Doc Albertus (Robert Arevalo) that no amount of fortune or success can match the value of family.

My Dear Heart is to be commended not only for the family values it spreads, but also for its effective story telling. Credit also goes to its actors, especially Coney, Eric Quizon, ZanjoeMarudo, Bela Padilla, Heart Ramos, and Ria Atayde.

Ria is the show’s biggest revelation. She is sure to land bigger roles after this season. (NESTOR CUARTERO)