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Lorli’s two books: movie-TV materials

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QUITE CONTRARY – The subjects of Lorli Villanueva’s two books launched recently are quite contrary. One is horror and the other political. But both are based on her experiences.

“Living and Experiencing the Realms of the Unknown” is obviously horror, while “Dancing with the Dictator”, is of course, political.

The two books are movie-TV materials. If producers are interested, Lorli may very well be the consultant. Or perhaps she can direct them herself. Although noted as an actress onstage and onscreen, Lorli’s also a fine director.

TRILOGY – After reading “Realms of the Unknown,” a movie trilogy comes to mind – a la “Shake, Rattle & Roll.” The book has 11 chapters, each chronicling Lorli’s encounters with the unknown.

Many, if not all, of the chapters are cinematic. There’s “A Ghost Train in Sariaya.” or “A Vodoo Spell in Olongapo City” or “The Big Foot Kapri in Borongan, Samar.”

Come to think of it, “Realms of the Umknown” will also make a good TV series….with perhaps Lorli as narrator.

MARCOS ROLE – The “Dictator” referred to in the book is President Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the country for more than a decade under Martial Law.

Lorli laughed when it was “hinted” that Marcos was “interested” in her. “Di ako tipo ni Marcos. Gusto niya mapuputi, mestiza o foreigner.”

The one who was after Lorli was a foreign scientist involved in the construction of the Bataan Nuclear Plant. That led to her “kidnapping,” which ended in dancing, partying with the “Dictator.” Very interesting, intriguing.

But, this columnist also finds Lorli’s American experiences just as “cinematic.” In fact, even without the “dancing” part, it can be a good source for a movie, more likely teledrama.

Lorli’s here to stay after being an educator in New York for years.