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Thumbs Up for that Good Act!

Little Presidents Learning Palace

Little Presidents Learning Palace

Every parent wants to see their children excel in every aspect of their lives but do we know how to pave the correct way in achieving this?

Children hone their sense of self when they see themselves through the eyes of their parents. Every conversation, every gesture, and every word are being absorbed by your children. Showing good deeds to them will more likely reciprocate the kind gesture.

Believing that each child has goodness inside them is what led the preschool, Little Presidents Learning Palace, to form a program called “Thumbs Up for that Good Act!” Educators are urged to acknowledge these acts of goodness transpired inside the classroom so as to embolden them to extend good deeds amongst their peers.

Balance in School and Home

Parents are also encouraged to do the same at home through creating a seamless environment of sincere praises. Studies show that environment plays a big role on how a child is influenced to do well.Praising your children’s accomplishments, however small, will make them feel proud.

Praise is a method that adults can use to convey to their kids that they have done something that is worth mentioning.Be more descriptive in praising your kids. Tell them what they did and how the act benefitted other people. Say more than just “good job”. Sincere and specific praise helps your child know exactly what he’s doing well.

Little Presidents Learning Palace regularly sends out guidelines to parents to help improve their interactions with their children. Classes on parenting will soon be available to interested parents. To know more about Little Presidents Learning Palace and its programs, you may visit http://littlepresidents.com/, follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/littlepresidentslearningpalace/ for more updates.