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PNP to hire more lawyers, professionals

By: Aaron Recuenco

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has opened its door for professionals who want to join its pool of technical service officers by offering 545 job vacancies which include 100 lawyers and more than 200 slots for those in the medical profession.

Chief Supt. Dionardo Carlos, PNP spokesman, said those who would be hired would be immediately given a rank of Senior Inspector (equivalent to Captain in the military) and Inspector, with the salary ranging from P32,000 to P35,000.

“We are now making initial preparations for the processing of applications for them. There will be 545 vacancies and those who would be hired will be commissioned as PNP officers,” said Carlos.

Among the vacancies are 100 lawyers, 48 physicians, those who would be hired would be commissioned as Police Senior Inspector with a staring salary of R35,312 plus allowances, cash and non-cash benefits.

Other vacant posts are for 85 Registered Nurses, 50 Psychologists, 54 Dentists, 50 Forensic Chemists/Chemical Engineers, 50 Criminologists, 18 Electronics and Communication Engineers, 40 Information Technology Specialists, 11 Civil Engineers, three Electrical Engineers, and two Architects.

Successful applicants would be commissioned as Inspectors with a starting salary of R32,341 plus allowances and other benefits.

Earlier, the PNP leadership expressed the need to hire more lawyers for their personnel who would be slapped with harassment charges by the suspects that they would arrest.

The health care system of the PNP is also being improved, the reason why it offered more than 200 slots for medical professionals.