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Big breaks for gifted Pinoys

‘THE WILL TO WIN’ – That’s the much awaited portion of Willie Revillame’s “Wowowin” on GMA, 5 to 6:30 pm, Monday to Friday. It’s fun and exciting watching all those gifted Pinoys do their thing – sing, dance, magic, perform novelty act, and what have you. No age limit, from teener to senior citizen. All have, as the portion is billed, “The Will to Win.”

P2 million awaits the grand winner, but even during the preliminaries, there are cash and giveaways galore for winners and losers alike. As they say in showbiz, “Walang uuwing luhaan.” Which is typically Willie – very generous.

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Even the audience receives P10,000, P5,000, at the very least P2,000. Plus jackets, karaokes, cellphones, and all those products which advertise in “Wowowin.”

Really gifted Pinoys are all over the country and the world, looking for the big breaks which will catapult them to stardom. There’s Willie inviting, encouraging, and inspiring them.

No wonder “Wowowin” is a consistent toprater. There’s no one like him.

‘PERA O KAHON’ – By the way, there’s still the “Pera O Kahon” portion, with R1 million, car, and house as jackpot.

The child in the house, Meg Reyes Panganiban, loves to enumerate the color of the “kahon.” In Spanish yet: amarillo
(yellow), chocolate (brown), naranja (orange), rojo (red), oro (gold), plata (silver), and the rest.

Meg joins the “pera o kahon” shout of Willie and the audience is thrilled somehow when the “kahon” is “bokya” instead of jackpot. Meg says she learned Spanish from the cartoon “Dora the Explorer.” This columnist can “get away” with a few sentences in “espanol” here and there.

Still part of the show is “Hephep, hurray,” with contestants coming from the audience.

GIRLS AND GAYS – Helping Willie host “Wowowin” are girls and gays led by former Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Ariella Arida and “the living legend,” choreographer Ana Feliciano. Plus gays, witty Super Tekla and ever reliable Donita Nose. And two other beautiful ladies (sorry didn’t get their names, winners of “Wowowin’s” recent beauty search) and all those pretty and shapely dancers.

The Louis Vuitton bag Willie gifted Ariella made some people say that he’s courting her. Which she denied. Willie loves to give gifts without strings attached. One time, years back, Ai-Ai de las Alas was depressed. He lifted her morale with an unexpected visit and a gift. Yes, a Louis Vuitton bag.